about us

Peace is the word we seek to create in your homes. The most important and best place for every person and his family is home. For this reason, every person tries to make the house more beautiful and elegant. With the knowledge of this matter, Astiazh Furniture Production Group, with the aim of producing stylish, high quality and suitable furniture for your homes, has started its activity in 2009 with a classic name and over the years, gaining experience and increasing growing and changing its name to Astiazh brand and quantitative and qualitative development will continue this way.


Astiazh production group has loaded its goal in priority, respecting the customer’s tastes by offering products with very suitable and quality packaging, variety and updating of models, and in the next step, reaching the initial ranks of furniture in the country. The goal in the Astiazh furniture collection will be quality, service, diversity and finally keeping the national production flag high in terms of exports to other countries. We hope to achieve this soon with you dear ones.

Group achievements

At present, Astiazh collection is a leader in presenting new and quality models by producing modern comfortable furniture and registering industrial designs. New models will be shown in this collection soon.

Our specialty

Production of comfortable furniture without dependent wooden artifacts such as sofa, dining table, chair, furniture front, honeycomb, console and TV table.