Modern technologies in furniture production, new ideas, new materials, new ways

Modern technologies in furniture production, new ideas, new materials, new ways

Modern technologies in furniture production, new ideas, new materials, new ways


Nowadays technical progress slowly enters each sphere of our lives, adding fresh ideas, unbelievable technologies and brand new materials to make our furniture safer, more reliable and long lasting.

It’s not a secret, modern furniture today is in a leading position worldwide and thus more people choose it to make their houses both functional and stylish. However, there are people who claim the furniture of today lacks new ideas and it looks all the same. That is not correct.

Even fifty years ago our parents or grandparents were offered just several types of standardized wall units, bedrooms or dining rooms. Now we can choose from hundreds of various looks, dozens of materials and endless sizes to make homes of our dreams.

Previously all furniture was made from solid wood. Such furniture was not only unbelievably heavy and gloomily looking, but also vulnerable to light and easily damaged. In attempts to make furniture lighter and better looking, new materials like plastic or plywood have been created. Today quite often only furniture front is made of wood with sides made of plywood. This furniture costs and weights less, but looks really gorgeous. Designers don’t stop experimenting with materials, mixing various sorts of wood, adding glass, steel and chrome. Many are worried about our ecology and global warming problems, so recycled materials are widely used, especially in furniture designed for terraces and gardens. Also furniture manufacturers widely apply composite materials to make furniture more durable and reliable. Strengthened glass now can hold heavy plasma TVs, metal alloys used in outdoors furniture are resistant to corrosion.

Modern furniture has a different look as well. Despite endless styles, new colors and textures, designers work with shape and functionality. So called transformers can ease the life of the majority of people who don’t live in huge houses or apartments. Due to sophisticated inner mechanisms your favorite sofa turns to convenient bed and small dining table with just several moves is big enough for all your friends and family members. Do you like watch TV sitting in your armchair? And how about pressing just one button or a small lever and get your armchair transformed into a lounge? This “two-in-one” furniture is incredibly popular today as it perfectly fits even small rooms.

Most probably, you won’t see new materials, new technologies or ideas in furniture when you buy it. You will just notice your sofa’s upholstery looks good and it’s water and dirt resistant, your armchair is much more convenient and your back doesn’t ache when you sit in it for hours or your lovely coffee table has no scratches even though you use it almost every day. That’s the main aim of all designers and manufacturers – to create the furniture that will satisfy you with its look and functionality not just for several months, but for years.

source : comfyco

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