Fabric or Leather Sofas

Fabric or Leather Sofas

Fabric or Leather Sofas

That is the main, primary, amazingly often asked question, when buying any furniture, starting from simple sofa beds, and ending with your all-time favorite: recliners. Lets see what point we can explore over this topic.

First, and most importantly – it all comes down to personal preference. Furniture production in modern times is pretty solid, and it’s really doesn’t matter what type of material you’d prefer in the end – most likely you will be satisfied and WOULD probably want to change your favorite seating product even before it will be aged and heavily used. There are few things to conisder though. Lets start with fabric .

Fabric is all-around favorite – it is mostly more pleasant to the naked skin, so if you’re living in a place where summer clearly wins over winter, you may consider fabric as your primary choice. Sweat is better with fabric, obviously. Also, fabrics for sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans come in quite different types nowadays: microfiber, linen fabric, chenille fabric, texturized microsuede, etc. They are all different, microfiber probably being the softest of all. Fabric is long-lasting upholstery, however, in general REAL leather is even more long-lasting.

Leather is obviously a traditional upholstery for any type of seating furniture. It was around for decades. Leather sofa with some tufted surfaces for extra comfort and looks – what can be better? However, real leather lately has become real expensive. A good quality leather sofa, made 100% of real authentic leather might cost thousands of dollars. In general, real leather can last dozens of years, depending on a usage of course (hey, they still have some victorian era leather couches looking almost like new!). But leather is, subjectively of course, is worse material to use in hot environment. On the the other hand, leather is generally easier to clean. Fabric used for sofas is easy to clean too, but some drastic nasty things, like hot sauces, very active chemicals or such can ruin the fabric (with leather isn’t not as easily achiavable). In case of leather care you are good with mostly a wet paper towel and once in a lifetime leather treatment if it becomes too dry.

So, finally it’s a matter of personal choice. Some thing leather is must, since it’s durable, besides it has this ‘rich’ feeling. Some, on the opposite, consider most leather products ‘too traditional’ and prefer more modern, fabric sofas and sectionals. Whatever suits you more, we have an amazing choice here, on comfyco.com for both main upholstery choices in modern furniture industry.

source : comfyco

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