Astyage Production Group is proud to use the best materials available in the market in the furniture coil used, this collection uses the following woods for the reasons mentioned:

Georgia beech wood:
Due to the very strong texture and having short veins and roots in the folds of wood. If the wood is hit, it will only injure the impact area and will not damage other parts of the wood.


Russian wood:
Due to its high durability and low weight, it becomes very noticeable in furniture coils – a remarkable property of Russian wood is its bitter taste, which prevents termites from approaching this wood.

External MDF sheet:
It has a strong compression. In some cases, fiberglass DF is used instead of cardboard.

Note: The veneers used are American walnut veneer and Georgian beech. These coatings are natural and because of their pattern, only a layer of polyester is applied to them and the paint is not used on this coating.

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